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Since 2001, I have been producing all manner of marketing videos, TV commercials, promotional campaigns, and virtually anything that can answer the needs of multiple clients. Craig can be depended on to give his everything to every project and get great content at any cost. 

As a shooter he has a tenacity to get the best shots ,but because he has an editors eye, he rarely has wasted footage. He's efficient, thoughtful, and diligent and anytime he speaks it's from experience and consideration.

Kyle Thompson

Vice President

Catalyst Resource Group

We have used Craig as our Videographer and Marketing Editor on several film projects.  He is dedicated, professional, great under pressure and above all, superbly creative. He creates almost all our social media and EPK videos and is a huge part of our film marketing effort.

Kris Fuhr

Senior Vice President

Working Title Agency

When our company or our clients need professional video to tell our stories, we reach out to Bottled Lightning immediately. If you are looking for great video, from the shoot through the finished product, do not hesitate to give them a call. From the way Craig makes people on the set feel comfortable and prepared, to the beauty of his creative execution, they are among the best.

Don Burns


3 Cords Group

I've known Craig since 1998, having managed his work when he first got into the film and video business. Now that I'm in a different position, Craig is my go-to person for video projects because of the professionalism he brings to the projects combined with the value of his pricing. He is diligent, organized, creative and always provides exceptional work product. He is also very personable, and great with clients and talent.

Greg Kittinger

Labor Relations Institute

My wife and I are missionaries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. One of our biggest struggles has been connecting and communicating our vision with pastors and supporters in the U.S. We were on the cusp of a $300,000 fund raising project for our home for abandoned babies when we contacted Craig in Tulsa. We knew that we needed to get the vision for our home out there, but literally didn’t have the time or know how of how to produce a video and materials that would communicate the vision. Craig flew to Honduras and took control. We didn’t have a script and I didn’t have a plan. Craig very calmly and professionally walked us through the process. Next he put us in front of the camera and simply asked questions that allowed us to naturally talk about what God had placed on our hearts. We didn’t know it, but he had a plan. He developed it by getting to know us and our hearts for the people of Honduras. He cared enough to do it right. Before we knew it he said “cut" and in a short amount of time he sent us a video that blew us away. It was incredibly professional. We found that churches were asking if they could show it after they had seen it on social media. People were moved and all the money quickly came in. I believe personally that God uses Craig and his business to further His kingdom by supporting ministries and missionaries like us. Now we look forward to working with Craig on regular video updates for supporters and churches that partner with us. We are very thankful for Craig.

Justin Ross

Executive Director

Sparrow Missions

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